Microgaming Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Series

For over a century Atlantic City has been a gambling destination of choice for those living in its vacinity which includes everyone from affluent New Yorkers to senior citizens who get bussed in from the surrounding areas. Recently however, the Atlantic City Casinos have acquired in-state competition as New Jersey has become one of the few American states to allow online gambling. Licenses have already been issued to a number of operators, which means that many of these land based casinos will start to offer their casino games online too.

Atlantic City Blackjack, named for its origin, is a blackjack variation that has been around online for many years, here we take a look at this game and its unique set of rules as you will find it at Microgaming powered online casinos.

Microgaming's Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is a stylish take on the standard version which is definitely worth playing at state of the art blackjack casinos like Betway Vegas Casino.

While the classic game of Atlantic City Blackjack is an enjoyable variant, the Gold Series takes it to the next level in terms of design and game play. Atlantic City Blackjack offers a more realistic game than ever before with luxuriously smooth game play wherein the cards glide across the table effortlessly and the chips sound like real chips as they are moved around. You'll literally feel like you've been transported to a real live casino.

The game is played with eight decks of playing cards that are shuffled prior to the start of each game and the rules are as follows:

  • Dealer stands on all 17's
  • Doubling down is permitted on your first two cards and cards formed after a split
  • Hands may be split up to three times (for a total of 4 hands) except for Aces which may be split once before you are given one card and forced to Stand.
  • Unlike 10-value cards are seen as equal
  • Late Surrender is an option
  • Dealer peeks when an Ace or 10-value card are showing
  • Insurance is an option but you shouldn't take it - find out why in our winning Blackjack Tips page here.

As you can see from the above, the rules do not differ from Classic Atlantic City Blackjack and neither does the order of game play, it has just received an amazing facelift that enhances your blackjack experience.

So next time you play, try Atlantic City Blackjack Gold, you'll be glad that you did!