Land Based Blackjack

So we've told you which the best casinos are to play at if you're looking for an exhilarating game of No Download Online Blackjack, but what about if you're in the mood for some good old brick and mortar casino action? Well, that would depend where in the world you are of course!

Las Vegas

The most obvious place to start seems to be the gambling capital of the world, the ever fabulous Las Vegas. This city offers not only the biggest and most famous casinos, but also some of the most outstanding nightlife in the world. In spite of its huge tourism trade and the ability of casinos to pretty much do as they please, there is a great selection of casinos to play blackjack at depending upon what you”™re looking for:

  • Best Rules: Las Vegas Club Casino where you are allowed to hit an additional card after splitting aces, double down more often that other casinos and there are less decks per shoe.
  • Lowest table limits: Slots of Fun, Harrah”™s and Casino Royale, although not the best of casinos, the atmosphere is relaxed and the table limits start from $2 to $3. But if you”™re looking for something a lot more stylish but with relatively low table limits try Mandalay Bay.
  • Best High Roller Casino: Wynn Las Vegas attracts over 500 casino whales from around the world and is a hands down winner when it comes to offering opulence, style and the best high roller offering in town”¦with bets of up to $100,000 per hand and a minimum of $500,000 per hour in its exclusive VIP rooms. If that's a little rich for your blood, they also offer regular tables with higher limits in case you just like to pretend...
  • Best Tournaments: The Hilton ”“ famous for hosting the World Series and Million Dollar Blackjack tournaments but if you”™re in the mood for some friendly and more relaxed fun, Imperial Palace and Boulder Station have weekly and often daily tournaments.
  • Overall Best places to Play: So difficult to say because it really depends on what you are looking for!

Atlantic City

Another of the USA”™s gambling destinations, Atlantic City sees millions of visitors each year and the blackjack action is hot and you”™re sure to find a casino to suit you no matter what you are looking for:

  • Best Rules: Unlike Las Vegas, Atlantic City is governed by the Casino Control Commission so game rules are pretty much the same everywhere, although the Boragata uses six decks instead of the usual 8 which may help if you're card counting.
  • Lowest table limits: Bally”™s Park Place offers some $5 games, with some considerate rules that are sure to suit your pocket.
  • Best High Roller Casino: The Sands offers the highest table limits in the city and you can bet up to $50,000 a hand!
  • Best Tournaments: Home of the first blackjack tournaments, Atlantic City's casinos have many of these to offer with the best being at Harrah's with no buy-ins or entry fees required and from time to time Trump Plaza has some great prize money.
  • Overall Best places to Play: Boragata or The Sands, with the former aggressively dominating and earning itself the larger part of the city's clientele, although The Sands is hot on its heels and fighting fiercely. Both excellent places to play.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo”¦where wealth, beauty and sophistication meet to form the most gambling experiences Europe has to offer.

  • Best Rules & tournaments: Sun Casino offers the most considerate and standard American rules of all the Monte Carlo casinos and is also the host of the European blackjack tour and numerous in-house tournaments.
  • Best High Roller Casinos: Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo is an architectural masterpiece and the biggest casino in Monte Carlo, attracting the world”™s largest casinos whales from time to time. High Roller games take place in the very private and sedate Salon Anglais.
  • Overall Best Places to Play: Casino de Monte Carlo, steeped in tradition and elegant sophistication this casino has one of the widest offerings this card game and a variety of table limits with bets ranging from bet from 10 francs (about $1.80) to 10,000 francs (about $1,800) per hand. Whether you're a VIP or just one of the general crowd you are sure to enjoy every minute of your time here.


Home to the biggest gambling centre in the world, Macau has seen explosive growth and the opening of many famous casino brands in the last few years, and so it makes sense that the blackjack tables on offer are some of the best around and there are many competitors for your attention and patronage.

  • Best Rules: Casino Lisboa ”“ Macau's largest casino which, although part of the SJM group, has different and more considerate rules than their other properties inducing a very low house edge of only 0.02%, by far the best on offer in the city.
  • Lowest table limits: Floating Palace ”“ offers a very relaxed atmosphere and comparably low table limits at selected tables, so keep your eyes open for this one.
  • Best High Roller Casinos: Tough competition exists between "out of town" casinos and when it comes to high rollers The Wynn and The Sands are fierce contenders with the latter leaning towards first place. Amongst local and loyal Chinese visitors however, Casino Lisboa takes top spots but is more of a "no frills, hard core" establishment that uses VIP treatment like helicopter rides to get whales to the casino rather than the opulent atmosphere of The Wynn and Sands which just might eventually keep them there instead.
  • Overall Best Places to Play: For the complete package of luxury entertainment as well as considerate rules and a variety of table limits to suit every pocket ”“ The Wynn Macau.