Blackjack Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We receive a number of queries regarding every aspect of the game of Blackjack and so we have compiled this FAQ's list for those seeking answers to their blackjack questions. We will update this page with any new questions that arise on a regular basis in future.

1. Why is the game of blackjack often referred to as 21?

This is because the cards which make up a winning hand of blackjack have a total value of 21 for example an Ace, which has a value of 11 and face card (king, queen or jack) with a value of 10.

2. Does blackjack have the best odds of all casino games?

The answer to this depends on the skill and strategy employed by the player as well as the type of blackjack being played and the number of decks as rules and odds differ from one game to the next. It is always advisable to play single deck Las Vegas Strip rules blackjack where doubling after splitting is allowed as this gives you a +0.1% advantage.

In general blackjack offers a lower house edge than slots and roulette but the degree to which the house edge is lowered depends on the player and the variant.

3. What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a blackjack game?

This depends on your individual needs within a blackjack game and also what strategy you intend to use:

  • Card counters require games that offer good penetration
  • Those basing their play on basic blackjack strategy should opt for single deck variations with the best rules and conditions available

4. Are single-deck blackjack games better than multi-deck ones?

This depends on your perception of "better". Multi-deck games generally have an inherent 0.5% - 0.6% disadvantage over single deck versions with the same rules and the difference is dependent on the removal of cards (this is because removing one card from a single deck has greater effect than removing one from a shoe game). Some multi-deck games do have favourable rules and conditions though and are not as easy for the casino to manipulate.

5. Does the seating position at a blackjack table either online or in a land based casino make a difference?

Ultimately it doesn't matter where you sit.

6. What is the most important thing to know before playing blackjack?

Learn basic blackjack strategy, memorise it and apply it.

7. Does blackjack card counting really exist?

Yes card counting does exist and there are many blackjack systems that advocate it, however you cannot count cards in online blackjack games as cards dealt are governed by a random number generator.

8. Is card counting illegal?

There is no law against card counting but many land based casinos will prohibit you from playing if they discover that you are counting successfully and walking away with huge sums of money.

9. What are common mistakes players make when playing Blackjack?

Ignoring basic strategy which means they hit on 19 or 20 and forget to split cards.

10. Is taking insurance ever a good or safe option when placing a bet in blackjack?

No, unless you are a very successful card counter you will not be able to determine if this be would have any value to you, rather stay away from insurance and take your chances, you'll earn more in the long run.

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