Live Dealer Blackjack Games at Online Casinos

Online Blackjack first made its appearance in the mid 90's and was not as popular as online casinos had hoped due to the fact that the games did not feature live dealers which made players question the randomness of the cards being dealt, making them wary of playing.

Over the years as people became accustomed to the workings of online casinos, online blackjack games grew in popularity but many players still missed live dealers which they were used to in brick and mortar venues. Never missing a beat, online casinos then introduced Live dealer blackjack games where actual dealers deal cards and play the game just like in an online casino. This live action is then streamed to the players' casino console and they can interact and even chat with the dealer.

Initially the dealers dealt standard sized playing cards and players had difficulty seeing these clearly, so online casinos corrected this by giving dealers larger cards to play with. With every passing year since, live dealer blackjack games have improved from the graphic and sound quality to smoothness of streaming and game play.

Today, large online casinos have up to twenty live dealer blackjack tables with a variety of betting options and game variations. Players select the game they want to join from the live dealer menu and join other players for the game. The table shows each player's screen name and one can view how many people are at the table.

During a game of live dealer blackjack a players screen is divided into three sections consisting of the blackjack table, a zoom in and out view of the cards and a box which shows the dealer and his/her actions.

During game play, players can clearly see a real dealer shuffling and cutting cards in a six-deck shoe as well as dealing the cards. There is also a chat function where the players can chat with each other and the dealer if they want to which really gives these types of games a lifelike feel and huge appeal.

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