RNG's in Online Blackjack ‐ how fair are they?

When it comes to online casino games, most players are familiar with the term Random Number Generators (RNG's) in reference to the systems that govern the randomness of online slots outcomes. Randomness however, is an essential element in any online casino game, even skill based games like blackjack.

Of course, this randomness is achieved naturally by the shuffling and dealing of cards in brick and mortar casinos, but online casinos rely on Random Number Generators to ensure reliable outcomes in their games. This leads players to question the true randomness of RNG's and whether these programs ensure a fair outcome. Here we'll answer that question by taking a look at how RNG's function at online and mobile casinos and whether or not the outcomes that they produce are truly random.

What is a Random Number Generator?

A Random Number Generator or RNG is a program which employs a complex algorithm which produces numbers on demand, for example when a blackjack player selects the "deal" or "hit" buttons during a game.

The word "random" in the name suggests that the numbers are generated without any type of identifiable pattern that produce random results within a game, which is the sole function of the RNG.

How Do Random Number Generators Work?

As we mentioned earlier, RNG's are algorithm based computer programs designed to produce random number sequences that lack any identifiable pattern. These programs use billions of number sequences and while they do not meet the scientific definition of being 100% random, they are as random as conceivably possible thanks to the sheer magnitude of the number sequences they use make it virtually impossible for the average human to identify any innate patterns within the results which they produce.

RNG's work by selecting a number at random which is referred to as the seed and then produce billions of number combinations to form unique sequences with random results. This means that unless a player plays more than several billion hands of blackjack without stopping ‐ a highly unlikely scenario ‐ the true randomness of the game cannot be exhausted.

Are RNG's in Online Blackjack fair?

From the above discussion it is evident that RNG's provide the required level of randomness to ensure fair play in online blackjack games at reputable casinos.

Can Online Casinos Manipulate RNG's?

This is a common question among sceptics and the answer is that technically speaking, dodgy online casinos are able to cheat players by manipulating RNG's in blackjack games. This is why it is of the utmost importance to only play at reputable, licensed and regulated online casinos that are subject to ongoing auditing by independent bodies to ensure that their RNG's comply to legal standards in order to ensure that fair gaming practices are being employed.

Online casinos using reputable casino software like Microgaming and Playtech platforms have their RNG's integrated into their systems in such a way that the possibility of tampering is greatly reduced thanks to sophisticated security protocols. This means that the Playtech and Microgaming blackjack games are some of the most fair games you'll find online.

If you are still a sceptic and would prefer not to play games governed by RNG's but still want to play online, the live dealer games offered at most online casinos take the RNG out of the equation and you still get to enjoy some exciting online blackjack play.