Tournament Notes

Playing Blackjack tournaments may seem intimidating at first, but if you follow the tips in our notes below you will be playing and winning like a pro the next time you enter one of these exciting events.

  • The Casino is not your opponent
    Black Jack tournaments are simple. You have to have the highest value of gaming chips by the end of the tournament. Therefore, the dealer is not your direct opponent but rather the other players and it is important that you win more than your opponents. Remember that you can still win with half of the seed money if the other players are worse than you, so make sure you keep track of what is going on around you at all times.

  • Play only in tournaments in which all entry fees are flowing back into the prize pot
    Tournaments are very attractive if all entry fees are put back into one pot and distributed amongst the best ranked players at the end. If the casino charges a fee, the price pool will not be too high. Therefore, try to play in 100%, cashback tournaments all or least 95% of the time.

  • If you are number 2 in a tournament
    It is better to try and close the gap on the leading player with 1 or 2 long odds bets. It is less recommended to try to do so with several medium bets.

  • Tactics towards the leading player
    Another strategy is to stack opposed to the leading player. If he stacks low, you stack high and the other way around. With a bit of luck you might find yourself in his/her position in no time at all.

  • If you are leading
    It might make sense to stack the same amount as your direct chaser. This will maintain the distance between you and prevent him from taking the lead.

  • Try to count the chips of your competitors
    Try to establish how many chips your opponents have got, if you can't see then try to keep count. If you are able to do that you will have an extensive advantage during the tournament as you will be able to adjust the value of your stake accordingly and, as a consequence, control your risk.

  • You should be leading prior to the last hand
    Risk more prior to the last round. You should be leading at an earlier stage as experiences show that the last round does not bring on any change of lead.

  • Note the maximum bet
    Your difference at the table to the leading player should not be more than the maximum bet ”“ especially if the last round is about to start. Increase your stacks early enough to ensure that this principle stays in place and that you have a shot at overtaking the leader at some point during the game.

  • Your position at the table is important
    A participant sitting at the very left hand side of the table has an extensive advantage over the other players as he/she may adjust their game and risk according to the other players bets. It is important, especially during the last rounds that you split or stack a double down if there is an occasion to do so.

  • If you do not see any chance to be ranked first
    If the difference to the leading player is too high it is better not to stack too much. There is still the chance that the leader might lose all of his chips during the crossing of the finishing line and someone else could take his place on the podium.

  • In case of same amount of chips in the last round
    If all competitors have a similar amount of chips during the last round, they will most probably risk everything during it. However, it is best to keep at least one chip aside in order to reach a ranking for the finals in case the others all bust.

  • The last round
    In case you have to stack high in the last round, try to use only half of your chips. This has statistically proven to be more advantageous but, of course, this depends on what your opponents do.